Executive Team

Natalie Santos


As a Condominium Manager, Natalie Santos has developed a unique perspective overseeing the operations of a demanding, modern-day condominium with an abundance of industry knowledge and building maintenance expertise. With a career spanning over a decade between 2010 to 2022, employed within two distinguished property management companies, Natalie’s team-oriented nature, determination and definitive communication has led her to successfully operate an impressive 1500 units at six sites all the while increasing work productivity among her staff through an energetic atmosphere.

Natalie’s proficiency is in building operations, budgetary management and coordinating with talented teams of engineers, lawyers and building developers. She’s never evaded conducting conflict resolution in relation to her managerial projects and building operations. She is an accomplished licensed Condominium Manager in Ontario, certified in Project Management with the University of Toronto and has successfully completed two Blueprint Analysis for Construction courses with George Brown College. Natalie’s pride and satisfaction emanates from the ability to help others in her community with her array of qualifications and skills. “We will be forever thankful for her professionalism, knowledge, eternal patience, gracious and caring nature.” – Board of Directors, TSCC 2418

Natalie’s passion for music was cultivated through her childhood while observing her family members perform in fílarmonicas in her mother’s native land, São Roque, Pico, Açores. She enrolled within the Music Society of St. Helen’s where she learned to play music on the clarinet and shortly after began performing with the ‘Banda do Sagrado Coraçāo de Jesus’. Natalie performed at numerous annual religious festivities including processions, and concerts such as the ‘Festas do Divino Espirito Santo’, ‘Festas do Senhor Santo Cristo’, ‘Nossa Senhora da Luz’, and many more, including Portugal Day parade where she was able to share her love for music with the Portuguese community in attendance.

Natalie and her family have often offered their benevolent services to St. Mary of the Angels Parish over the years. Their family has amassed hours on end of volunteerism with the organization, coordination, and participation in ‘Festas do Divino Espirito Santo’, ‘Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Anjos’, and more. The joy and unity that resonates throughout the Portuguese community during these traditions and festivities is why her family chooses to return year after year.

Richard Ramos


Richard Ramos is an accomplished project management professional and planner with 20 years of experience in construction management and land development. His extensive background ranges from the initial municipal planning stages, right through to budget management in all phases of construction. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Architecture, and is a qualified examiner for the Ontario Building Code. He also holds a professional project manager designation in the construction industry, and has been a member since 2009. From 2000 to 2007, Richard was employed with several credited architectural firms, as a senior architectural consultant and planner for proposed residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. He has been responsible for project management from the ground-breaking stage through to completion, while controlling budgets and schedules. From 2008 to 2014, Richard held the position of senior project manager with the York Catholic District School Board to oversee the construction of all new elementary and secondary schools, while maintaining an annual budget of over $80 million in construction costs.