Our Story

Portuguese-Canadian seniors
Our seniors deserve to thrive and engage with others in a dignified and healthy lifestyle, with access to services in Portuguese.

Our population is aging and in the GTA there is a critical need to support Portuguese-Canadian seniors. To ensure that our parents and grandparents can live with dignity in a home environment that is sensitively attuned to their cultural heritage, Magellan Community Charities is proud to be developing a seniors centre. Magellan will be built at 640 Lansdowne Avenue in the heart of the Portuguese community to provide exceptional care and support. Apart from English, Portuguese is the mother tongue spoken by the greatest number of citizens in this ward. Many of these citizens are seniors, and 16 out of every 100 residents are seniors who require long-term care services.

The centre will offer a broad range of programming that will be determined by the residents and community needs. It will include programs in Portuguese as well as traditional cuisine and culturally specific services and programming. This new building will accommodate 57 affordable housing units, for seniors who are able to live relatively independently, and 256 long-term care beds for seniors with more complex care needs.

Conveniently located in proximity to public transit and a subway station, the centre will offer a continuum of support services for resident seniors, from assistance with personal care needs, housekeeping, meal preparation, nursing, shopping assistance and transportation services to day programs for seniors living in our community.


To enable our seniors to live their lives to the fullest by providing a culturally sensitive continuum of care.


To foster an environment of compassion and dignity for our seniors, while embracing and promoting Portuguese traditions.


Respect, trust and community-unity.
“Com carinho, amizade e saudade”