The Seniors Centre Concept And Design

The new centre is warm and welcoming in concept and design. The second and third floors will accommodate the 57 affordable housing units. Floors four to seven will be home to the 256 long-term care units. The long-term care units will be grouped into eight pods, thereby offering residents smaller, congenial communities in which to enjoy daily activities and form friendships.

The ground floor will incorporate shared space for both the long-term care and the affordable housing residents while extending a welcome to the larger community as well. This “Community Hub” will be used to support recreational, educational and culturally focused programs. Our guiding principles for this non-residential space are inclusivity and community outreach. These amenity spaces will feature activities and programs which may include arts and crafts, cooking classes, movie nights, physical exercise classes, interactive workshops and a computer lab hub/learning centre.

Preliminary renderings are a concept and may be subject to change.

The new centre will have a profound and positive impact on Portuguese-Canadian seniors and on the community as a whole. 

For Seniors:

The centre will be home to over 320 seniors, many of whom are no longer able to live independently or care for themselves. It will offer all residents peace of mind and a sense of security in a familiar and caring atmosphere. Our seniors will feel supported by the continuum of care and services and at home in an environment that will be culturally appropriate for them. They will also enjoy ample opportunities to participate in community-based activities.


For Families:

Residents’ families will be assured that their loved ones are cared for in a personal and home-like environment. They will be able to connect with other families to share insights and ideas, and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. Families will be better informed about the resources that are available for seniors and their caregivers and, consequently, be able to more confidently navigate these services and the path ahead.


For the Community:

The centre will be an integral part of the larger community, not isolated from it, and therefore benefit all age groups who wish to engage with our elders. We will encourage residents and our staff to participate in community events as well. Magellan Community Charities will develop strong relationships with other community health organizations that serve the neighbourhood.



To enable our seniors to live their lives to the fullest by providing a culturally sensitive continuum of care.


To foster an environment of compassion and dignity for our seniors, while embracing and promoting Portuguese traditions.


Respect, trust and community-unity.
“Com carinho, amizade e saudade”